Are you a Certified Teacher from Out-of-State?​​

​​Maryland finds more than 50 percent of its teachers from out-of-state, and there are still many areas of teacher shortages to fill. Maryland welcomes hard-working ad passionate educators from all over the country - come and make a difference in one of America's most beautiful and diverse states!

If you graduated from an educator preparation program in another state, there are options for you to apply for certification in Maryland. You will need a copy of your professional certificate, official transcripts, and tests used to achieve your certificate. With these, you may qualify for a Maryland Educator Certificate. Can’t find your test scores? Substitute 2 years of experience! 

If you have three years of experience teaching in your area of certification during the past 7 years, you have a direct route to Maryland certification! Check out our Maryland State Department of Education Certification website, www.mdcert.org​, for more information, or see the MSDE page for out-of-state educators​.