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Our Vision

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) is unwavering in our pursuit of achieving equity and excellence for all Maryland students. It is this goal that propels us to support and enhance ongoing programs, as well as pursue new innovations. All of our resources are being leveraged to produce results -- ranging from launching major initiatives, to making small improvements in operations every day.

MSDE knows that effective teachers are essential to student achievement, that’s why we are laser-focused on attracting and retaining the highest quality professionals in the teaching profession. We are making this goal a reality with increased teacher training, enhanced focus on program evaluation, and regional professional development.

Recruiting and employing innovative teachers is our goal. We need educators who create a vibrant, engaging classroom environment that students enjoy. This takes a special type of teacher, who sparks students’ curiosity and confidence. It takes a teacher who thrives on constant professional development and collaboration with colleagues. It requires a teacher who embraces diversity in all its forms, and is passionate about shaping the minds of the next generation of innovators, leaders, and citizens.

In short, we need teachers who can transform their classrooms into learning communities, where students can become versatile problem solvers, compassionate thinkers, and effective communicators.

In Maryland public schools, we are dedicated to success for all students. That means we must go above and beyond what is required to achieve excellence, particularly for our students who are starting from a place of disadvantage to their peers. 

We know that nothing kindles student learning like a dynamic teacher. Under the leadership of Dr. Karen Salmon, a passionate and lifelong educator, we are empowering teachers and building collaborative school teams.

Learn more about becoming a Maryland Educator through the resources provided on this site, and join the Teach in Maryland team! We need your energy and innovation to ensure that all students achieve and thrive - and we are confident that you will discover a profession and a future which is perfect for you in the process.